South African Boy Gets Robotic Hand Made With 3-D Printer

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A 3-D printed prosthetic hand has changed the life of a 5-year-old South African boy who was born without fingers on his right hand, and may be a model for people seeking a low-cost…

James Timberlake‘s insight:

While I don’t believe we are going to see Robocop by the end of the decade I do think it is realistic to expect to see a brave new world of augmented humans by middle of this century. With the rise of functionality coupled with the drop in cost of production producing augmented limbs will become easier and easier. Add to that the ability for intelligent people across the world to collaborate in their spare time to create better and better designs and we will see a growing number of wonderful stories just like this one. Many people I know fear the merging of man and machine, thinking it will rub us of our humanity, however I believe it will ensure that our humanity continues to flourish. The two men in this article didn’t do this for money, it wasn’t their job, nor was it some theoretical college project. They did it because they had a talent and could solve a real problem for a real person. This technology helped them expand their nature humanity into practical philanthropy. The boy now has fingers that he can use to interact with the world. It doesn’t detach him from life or his human emotions, quite the opposite, this hand helps him fully experience it. I’m encouraged and excited every time a new story like this comes out.

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